Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Today's Blind Items - Part Of Darkness

I think it goes without saying that in Hollywood, life and art are interchangeable with one
another, especially when you consider Quentin Tarantino’s latest effort. Although, I think
even he would have a hard time concocting a story such as this one. The main subject of this
blind is someone we will refer to as BK.

Back in the day, BK got a part in a movie, a movie that was quite a big deal when it came
out. He was bought onto the film by a former A list director thanks to a particular skill he
had. The A list director felt that having him on set would lend more authenticity to a certain
scene and it’s fair to say that he was right on the money. The scene, while not overtly
explicit made a lot of people very uncomfortable when the movie came out and I think to
this day it still does.

Fast forward a few years after the movie’s release and BK had gotten into a lot of trouble.
The trouble came when he met a person who we’ll call MC. Both BK and MC had a lot of
things in common and hit it off pretty well, MC was actually known in a certain corner of the
entertainment world and this impressed BK. They also shared a love of drugs and booze. On
the night they met they both kicked things along by doing all sorts of drugs and drinking
heavily into the early morning. Eventually, they ended up back at MC’s apartment and
continued to drink and party some more before BK ended up having sex with MC.

Later on, MC made it clear to BK that they didn’t have a future together and that he should
just go home. Now BK had a lot of personal issues, mostly bought on by alcohol and drug
use. Being in the condition that he was in & hearing that from MC caused him to fly into a
rage. So right then and there he brutally bashed and stabbed MC to death before fleeing the
apartment and going into hiding. A week or so had passed after the killing and BK continued
drinking very heavily. During this time MC’s body had been found by the police and the story
was in the media. BK decided that it would be a good idea to contact someone known to MC
and recompense for his latest sin, albeit with the privilege of anonymity.

What BK didn’t know was that someone else would eventually give him up, someone who
wasn’t known to the police or the person BK contacted. In turn, BK was identified as MC’s
killer and promptly arrested. When police found him in his apartment he was drunk out of
his mind and incoherent, but still protesting his innocence. He would spend the next two
decades in prison for the murder of MC but early in his sentence, he got an unexpected visit
from an old friend, the A list director. At the time, the director was going through a few
troubles of his own and was coming off a massive bomb. He was working on a new movie
and wanted to speak with BK regarding the content of the script.

They got talking and eventually the conversation turned to MC, BK admitted that he did, in
fact, kill MC in cold blood despite his pleas to the contrary. Not only did he confess to that
murder, but he went into detail about several other ones, some that dated back to the time
they worked together on the movie. These murders were well known and the director has
never really spoken at length about what BK told him, but sources say that he knows a lot
more than he is letting on. As for BK, he was eventually released from prison, but he has
since vanished and no one really knows what happened to him afterward. When you
consider the movie that he was in, he wouldn’t be the only one to meet a mysterious fate.


Tricia13 said...

Lou Perryman/Poltergeist the film that’s cursed

AvignonVagabond said...

John Holmes?

Moose said...

I don't know the answer, but in doing a quick Google, there's some crazy stuff that has happened to the cast and crew of "The Omen".

The Woodman said...

The Exorcist?

Flashy Vic said...

What do you think was the particular skill that BK had?

sandybrook said...

John Holmes died from AIDS

HeffalumpsAndWoozles said...

I would look at Apocalypse Now, which is based on the Joseph Conrad book "Heart of Darkness"

Brayson87 said...

@Flashy, How to make burgers your way?

Moose said...

I wonder if there could be any connection to the movie "Cruising"?

HeffalumpsAndWoozles said...
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Xander said...

https://the-line-up.com/paul-bateson - Exorcist

sandybrook said...

In any case, with Enty "back in the day" could mean 70 years ago or 10,so I don't even have a guess to offer. I don't think it's Bob Crane and Ron Jeremy's particular talent would fit but he's not dead or in hiding.

GentleBreeze said...

haha, Brayson. I don't think Irish Flashy will get that reference, though.

Tricia13 said...

Yep Directed by William Freidken after Excorcist. Paul Bateson is as brought in...
Zander got it
Bateson admitted to serial killing gay men in NYC

Moose said...

And if it is Friedkin and Cruising, the movie he might have wanted to consult on could be "Jade", which was an erotic thriller.

The Woodman said...

+1 Xander

Well what do you know? I actually got one of these before Tricia and any of the other all-stars !

I'm retiring from CDAN now ...

Brayson87 said...

Great work Xander!

The Woodman said...

Hey now Brayson87, I was four minutes before Xander with The Exorcist !

Guesser said...

So there is a serial killer let loose? He was given only 20 years for this killing.

Moose said...

Bateson served as a consultant for Friedkin on Cruising:

Friedkin also knew a police officer named Randy Jurgensen who had gone into the same sort of deep cover that Pacino's Steve Burns did to investigate an earlier series of gay murders, and Paul Bateson, a doctor's assistant who had appeared in Friedkin's 1973 film The Exorcist, who while being prosecuted for another murder was implicated (though never charged) in six of the leather bar murders. All of these factors gave Friedkin the angle he wanted to pursue in making the film.[3] Jurgensen and Bateson served as film consultants, as did Sonny Grosso, who earlier had consulted with Friedkin on The French Connection. Jurgensen and Grosso appear in bit parts in the film.

Brayson87 said...

@Woodman, +1 for getting the movie.

You guessed the dark movie, but Xander was able to identify both the killer and the victim and link an article about it.

The Woodman said...

Gotcha - will strive to do better ! Baby steps !

Tricia13 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MontanaMarriott said...

Great work you guys!!
When truth is stranger than fiction, this is nuts!

Tricia13 said...

Haha-Dont! Great team
Work up there . William Peter Blatty was a friend of my uncles and Grandfathers in the 70s. We went to his house in CT on a Sunday (I was young) and wasn’t allowed to see the film ... but knew he was a big deal. Nicest ,quietest guy- you would have never thunk it -must ask now wtf was that about lol

VirgilHilts said...

@HeffalumpsAndWoozles Robert Duvall didn't do 20 years in jail or disappear, he still acts now.

Flashy Vic said...

Moose wrote (with the assistance of Wiki 😁):

"Jurgensen and Bateson served as film consultants, as did Sonny Grosso, who earlier had consulted with Friedkin on The French Connection. Jurgensen and Grosso appear in bit parts in the film."

Sonny Grosso was played by Roy Scheider in the French Connection. He was the two life partner of Eddie Egan (Hackman's Popeye Doyle). Egan himself played Quincy's cop friend in Quincy M.E.

Hollywood can seem like Ozark by the Sea at times

Flashy Vic said...

"Real life partner" not "two life partner" which implies something entirely different, for fucks sake!😖

I don't know, maybe they were but I'll go out one limb here and say I very much doubt it.

Melvin The Reanimated said...

Yep, Xander got it. Go check the Wiki.

Paul Bateson was brought on to THE EXORCIST by William Friedkin as a radiographer, because in real life he was a radiographer and his technique impressed Friedkin.

He was arrested for the murder of a male film journalist he was sleeping with.

Friedkin consulted with him in prison on Cruising, (which WASN'T the flop -- the flop was Sorcerer, right before that. Big flop at the time.) Friedkin used Bateson's experiences in the leather scene as a huge element of Cruising. Bateson is also rumored to be involved with the unsolved deaths of several gay men at the time. His current whereabouts as unknown.

Unknown said...

Took me a few seconds, but I finally got the joke!

notthisagain said...


damn... +111 good summary, thks

BMDS said...

Everything seems to point to Bateson.
According to Wiki, he died on Sept 15, 2012 at age 72.

DJ InYourFace said...

BK = bag killer
MC = movie critic


wall-weed said...


MissPeach said...

If you read Paul Bateson's Wikipedia page it pretty much reads exactly as this blind is, so pretty sure it is him.

Vita said...

Great blind, and great detective work, All!

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Puddy said...

I don't normally guess blinds before I finish reading them, but I knew this was Paul Bateson. The contact was Arthur Bell who was another gay journalist and friend of Verrill.

I still don't understand Cruising, the ending I mean. It seemed like Friedkin didn't know what to do and just shoehorned in an "ambiguous" ending to make up for a bad script.

riffer73 said...

I never knew this.

Puddy said...

R: So Quentin, what can we expect to see in your 10th and final film?

QT: I'm glad you asked because I actually have a fully fleshed out idea for my next movie.

You know, this movie is very obviously set in the 60's, this is a 60's movie. I wanna take my next movie into the 70's as sort of a companion piece to Hollywood. It's about a homosexual alcoholic who works as a radiographer by day, and he hates this fucking job man, I mean, he just hates what he does for a living. He wants to get into movies and be a fucking actor because movies are his.... thing. I mean he's always loved movies, his entire life has just been about FUCKING MOVIES! So as luck would have it, A big Hollywood director comes to HIM when he's at work and says "Hey kid, I like what you do, come be in my movie". You know for a kid who's always wanted to a movie star, this is a big fucking deal, you know. So what happens next is where everything just goes bat shit. He starts partying and drinking and doing blow, doing everything that an actor would when they're living out their fucking dream right. But, if you know anything about Hollywood in the 70's, you'd know that trying to make it as an actor when you're a homosexual, you know, that wasn't an easy thing to do back then, right. So he just fucking lashes out, he completely loses his fucking shit man and goes on a killing spree.

When he gets caught, he thinks that the director that plucked him from obscurity actually wants to help him out of prison and save his career. But you know, Hollywood being fucking Hollywood, means that he only wanted to fuck him over and make money off of his story. So he sits in prison for 20 years man...... just biding his time......waiting for the exact moment he can get revenge on the director that fucked him over and told his story without him. You gotta remember this is his story, not the directors, he wants to tell HIS story. So he gets out of prison and vanishes. All that time the director has been getting notes from this guy telling him that he is gonna get fucking butchered when he's on the outside. The director panics and starts freaking the fuck out, not knowing when and where this guy will strike. Then......his revenge happens when then the director was at his most vulnerable.........and he can finally tell his story.....the way it should have been told in the first place.


Me said...

You cal always call Paul at 516-705-5307 and ask him.

Entycommenter said...

Woodman/Xander really outstanding work there. Kudos. You guys had it first. Clearly you're correct.

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