Sunday, November 10, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #3

October 30, 2019

Producers keep trying to get this former Disney A+ lister turned A- list adult to consider including a former co-star to the reboot and she keeps saying no. Very very petty.

Hilary Duff/LaLaine/Lizzie McGuire


notthisagain said...

It’s not 2005 anymore Hilary - read the room

Bloggybutt said...

Why are they letting Hilary have so much say? She's not the huge star that she once was, and it's not like she's not going to do Lizzie. She needs this show more than the show needs her.

Lalaine was great as Miranda, has gotten clean from drugs I've heard, and deserves to be back on the show, too.

LOL said...

Uhhh she definitely is still a big star. They can't make the show without her and she definitely does not "need" it. Disney asked her for approval and it never would have gone through if she didn't want to do it considering she's the NAME of the show. This blind is BS because of whatever enty's grudge toward Hilary is just like all the other actresses on his shit list

Gator said...

No, she is not a big star.

myles said...

Does anyone know what happened between them?

Habibti said...

Love Hilary Duff! Being angry at Lalaine for cheating with your boyfriend who was Aaron Carter at the time is kind of hilarious. He is a creep. I do understand it is the principle....Lalaine broke girl code.


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