Sunday, November 17, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #4

November 6, 2019

So a famously private man/foreign born A list actor, who is never caught by paps unless he wants to be, and is even more famously private about his family, was "coincidentally" turning his phone to the pap cameras and caught on film "coincidentally" at the moment he was facetiming a child... who is not the age of any of his children. 

Benedict Cumberbatch


Do Tell said...

I get the feeling, as was mentioned before, that this is not that big of a deal. Could be a niece, nephew, friend of the family or Make A Wish kid.

IndieRaga said...

No this is Enty World.... everything is twisted !

Snifter said...

Not twisted. Just another strange thing in the narrative. He says his family goes everywhere with him, but then says he Facetimed with child #1 for 40 minutes every night when the kid was <1 yr old. Now all the news is 2 children, even though he said they were expecting a 3rd. The child mentioned in this blind looks to be maybe 10-11 mos, so if the "2 children" narrative is true both those kids are too old. If this is child #3, 10-11 months is too old as well. As for nieces or nephews- his only niece is grown, she used to be his PA.

So what's the real story, why is this super private guy, who has said in the past he'd flip off any paps, suddenly so eager to look like he's being a good daddy while away from the family (that goes everywhere with him) all the while looking straight down the camera lens?

If he was surprised by the pap, and really meant everything he'd always said, he'd have gone back inside or flipped the pap off. But he stood there, looking at the camera, and turned his phone to show some baby at the other end.

Staged AF.

Angela said...

The target of this story is to suggest that Cumberbatch's marriage is a sham and that he has no real kid. There were previous blinds about their ages being mismatched compared to the original announcements.
The source for these blinds is most likely a deranged "Cumberbitch" who's never accepted that her Internet boyfriend would marry somebody else, and who has tried to play every card against the wife (former escort, false career, etc.)

Angela said...

And now, we know it's Snifter who's the stalking fan. Have a nice day, Snifter!

Brian said...

Man, was I way off. I thought this was meant to imply that he was camming sexually with some kid and couldn't understand why he would want the paps to catch that.

Bob Barnett said...

So what?

Still Liz said...

Hmmm, that is odd. Why would anybody do that? Movie promo? Promoting a children’s charity? Some backstory would be nice Mr. Cummerbund because in the post Jeffrey Epstein world it looks mighty queer. And not it a good way.

Angela said...

Once again, the real story is that Cumberbatch was papped while he was facetiming his kids.

A deranged fan is convinced that these are not his kids, because his kids don't exist, so she sent Enty that the kids on the phone didn't look the right age. Her theory is that Cumberbatch isn't actually able to stick with a consistant story about his "fake kids" and that he's trying to fool the press and the public.

SlimKeith said...

Sniffer, I gotta be honest, I don't live that interesting a life but damn, it's gotta be better than having the time and inclination to attempt to figure out a man you don't know, who most likely lives over 3,000 miles away from you and that you will never met. I've never even spent that much time scrutinizing the actions of those close to me, it's kinda creepy. I'm sure you're lovely but geez, crack a book or get out for a few hours and get some air dude! Cheers.

Kent said...

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123 said...

because he gay and his marriage is fake

Flashy Vic said...

I hate to break this to you, 123, but gays can have kids too and....and brace yourself for this them like a caring father as well.

That's if he is gay, which who gives a fuck.

And I don't even like the cunt.

Flashy Vic said...

That was the most desperate, flimsiest attempt at a blind that I've ever seen for a long time on here. And that's saying something.

Baked_Alaska said...

@123 is partly correct, he's bisexual, closeted and everything about his marriage IS fake AF. Hunter was caught wearing a Markle style moonbump, it deflated on camera at the 2018 Emmys. Word on a set that Cumberbatch worked at was that he dated other people openly, that his beard has a LT boyfriend, that the family anecdotes are entirely scripted by PR and that the kids she has trotted out are definitely not his. It turns out this kid wasn't either because some interesting photos leaked, photos where you can clearly see him Facetiming that kid's parents moments after you see the kid. Given that it was all set up and those photos weren't published it's obvious to anyone with half a brain that Cumberbatch was trying to pass their kid off as his own. He got caught doing that before in NY BTW, the kid he borrowed was the wrong age and the wrong gender as well. Almost looks like another Masterson type setup doesn't it? The recent Cumberbatch blinds are not from fans, in fact the last one was directly from an A-Lister as per Enty himself. It's a shame the Cumberstans are still in denial, they still think it's real LOL.

Zebra Seasoning said...

Still wishing there was a "like" option. Maybe once the Kardassians get it expunged from Instagram Enty can pick up the option.

jimbo said...

It would help any actors career to be known as a pedophile in entertainment circles. The ruling elite are pedo's and most of Hollywood is as well. The more twisted and depraved you are in hollywood, the higher you will rise.


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