Saturday, December 14, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #3

December 3, 2019

This east coast reality star should shut down her struggling business, but she thinks it would show her being a failure. No, being a failure is keeping it open for pride and using a lot of your appearance money and show salary to keep it open.

Melissa Gorga


Trapped said...


sandybrook said...

Does bitch sell stripping poles or straight up strippers who bring their own poles?

pusssykatt said...

Being a Housewife automatically means you have no "pride."

hunter said...

AH HA - Told y'all it wasn't Snookie.

Studio54 said...

Enty, she's doing it so she and her deadbeat husband won't be written off the show. They have no storyline, he has failed at multiple businesses.

TheBPlot said...

In the spring they purchased a new beach house with amazing view that im sure they have plants to double the size of. They are the typical over-extended financially household. Living beyond their means. She tools around town in a Bentley. Out of touch.


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