Saturday, December 14, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #1

December 3, 2019

I told you a year ago that this foreign born, high school girl loving superhero had been replaced as the superhero. Then, there was a whole lot of wishy washy from the studio before they finally decided on the right thing this week and have officially replaced him.

Henry Cavill


TeeHee@U said...

Yah, ok. LOL. If he really was in trouble with studios, there is no way Netflix would parading him out for the Witcher promotional tour at the level they have been.

Speaking of...Netflix released a video him of reading the Witcher. Swooon.

The Witcher is almost here!!

Stupidpervs said...

Yup..that was nice to watch and hear lol

kiki71 said...

Did they say who they replaced him with? I actually thought he was a great Superman.

Yaccub said...

@Teehee@u but Netflix ≠ studio tho

TeeHee@U said...

Gotcha! Thanks :)

My main point is that Henry and his people do not seem to be on damage control by hiding him. Blind Gossip is even reporting that hemay be about to debut a new gf who is a fashion designer in London.

But, the WItcher is going to put Henry Cavill back on the map. I think ENTY knows this. Also, The Witcher has had such excitement it has already been picked up for another season before season 1 has even aired. Seems like this is Henry's focus right now anyways. I read he wanted to go darker with characters anyways to show off more of acting ability rather than just generic action hero.

IDK. I just think ENTY hates Henry Cavil and when the closeted narrative did not work on him, he is now into young girls because he dated left a London club with a 19 year old girl publicly a year or so back. So now if he is even pictured or works with castmates that look young/ or even, Greta, Henry must be hitting on them.

I just know when it seems like ENTY is out to get someone. He seems to hate Henry Cavil the way he hates Emilia Clark and we know that is based on his connection to Amanda Peet.

I mean I get it. It is ENTY site and he rewards the people who gives him gossip to post. LOL I can appreciate it, but know when their is a personal bias against the subject of a blind.

sandybrook said...

Enty hates Henry Cavill because Henry Cavill fucked over Kaley Cuoco back when she was still Enty’s friend and a reader of this site. 12 days is a bit more than wham, bam, thank you ma’am, but not by much.

timebob said...

David C. just looks like a younger Henry Cavill and i'm here for it.

TeeHee@U said...

Ahhh. Thanks @sandybrook!

Knew there was something there! ENTY probably trying to get back on her good side again with these blinds.

BRAD PITT said...

hollywood replace Henry who was sex with ecstatic willing people but they pay Harrison Ford $30m for force awakens knowing full well he supports Polanski who drugs and anally rapes people who said no

Unknown said...

why the fallout between Enty and Kaley?

Unknown said...

@BRAD PITT Yea as if Henry dating teens who are less than twice his age is an ecstatic picture here. FFS. Wake up. It is like you are happy your barely teenage daughter is dating a man older than you. Yucks.

Kim said...

It's a shame he was a great Superman and was the reason I watched The Tudors. He makes me feel like a asshole for liking him, because part of me is like if they are seniors and over 18 then its not that bad then I think if it was one of my daughters and a man twice their ae was pursuing them I would want him killed.


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