Saturday, March 14, 2020

Blind Item #1

This alphabet network is doing their usual greedy at the cost of lives thing. They got shamed until one division closed some properties, but this division is the only network out there forcing people to continue filming. Unless you are a showrunner or actor/actress with power, the network wants you shooting your show and the parent company wants you shooting movies. 


IndieRaga said...


Guesser said...

ABC, Disney

Sook said...

ABC owned by Disney

MeliticusBee said...

ABC - since Jimmy Kimmel, Greys Anatomy and Genius:Aretha are the only things that quit filming

Unknown said...

DEF Jam?

Trapped said...


yepthatsme said...

Good for them, there will be 1.3 million vehicle related deaths worldwide this year, yet no one seems to suggest banning cars from the road!

T. W. said...

I saw a news report yesterday that said ABC/Disney stopped film production.

HushHush said...

Most filming has stopped. And the stars boarded their private jets and flew home. And the worker bees are facing unemployment.

YeahYouKnowThatsRight said...

It's a common virus. Why are people behaving like it's the zombie plague? Oh, right, election year and the demorats don't have any viable candidates. They're purposefully trying to tank the economy to win an election. Anyone who remains a demorat after this is a piece of shit. RME

bellabella said...


Newt Gingrich doesn’t seem to think it’s an evil Dem plot to tank the economy.

I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well.

Fifi LaRue said...

OMG it's a Jerry Springer contestant reject @Yeah You Know thats Right.

notthisagain said...

LMAOOO wow you trumper trumpet psychos. bc it’s an ELECTION year!? Lololol this didn’t even originate here.

you are So Fucking Dumb. Do you even understand that there are countries that exist that aren’t the US & don’t care about the fucking election? I almost died from H1N1 in 2009 - & oh Whoa! not an election year! It’s not all about America or the UK, dumbass. And while you’re at it, look up and learn about these types of viruses. If you know any of science or virology, then you know what we’re dealing with here. We’re lucky H151 hasn’t hit yet. The reason H1N1 spared older adults over younger healthier people (which is contradictory to how these viruses invariably operate) is because anybody that got the flu before 1957 had relative immunity to it by exposure & souvenir antibodies leftover in their system for life.

I can’t stand ignorant fucks like you! The world isn’t all about you. These viruses pass thru avian/pig carriers, which is why the point zero is an open wildlife market. They were everywhere in China. Now they’re indefinitely banned. Oh & if you think China did this, you have no fucking clue the mindset of the CCP in China & the importance of success/power in image. Get an education, you fools. Your opinions mean nothing, unless it’s bolstered by facts.

Just like you guys can’t fathom that planes at a high altitudes going to 500+ miles an hour w/engines like rocket heat vaporizing all the moisture behind, leaving a condensation trail aka CON-trail. But no, chemistry is a lie, that’s a lie, it’s CHEM trails! Or how about the flat earth, oh yeah those tides, they don’t rely on the moon they don’t rely on any nature, the tides are a lie!

. Just shut the fuck up. You’re stupid, you’re ignorant, stop spreading your conspiracies. You aren’t special enough to even warrant that. You’re ants & nature will dispose of you & all of us just the same. Go on your little keyboard where you live and LEARN THINGS. You know RULES of nature that believe it or not, aren’t a government conspiracy. Ugh, I wish your moms had swallowed you.

John said...

H1N1 started in late 2008.

And election year.

STFU, you turd.

Hamish said...

@notthisagain, sounds like you're crytyping. Are you literally shaking? Did someone leave something on your car at work? Do you fear for your life in Trump's America?

Unknown said...

Dafuq is this bullshit? ^

Joe Biden has dementia said...

Jesus, why are there coronavirus conspiracies on here, lol.

I doubt "the Democrats" have the reach to get China and France and all these other foreign countries to take this pandemic as serious as a heart attack, but then, they inexplicably have us pay far less attention to it, and it's all just a ploy, to vote out Donald Trump.

I mean, holy shit dude, how do you function in the world, with such a faulty brain?

The logic doesn't even make all sense anyway because, sure, the perception of a strong economy, benefits an incumbent.

But, want to know something else that benefits an incumbent? The perception of being in a crisis. So, if the Democrats really had the ability to pull off such an elaborate conspiracy, all just to tank the economy and benefit their candidate, they wouldn't do it like this.

A crisis makes people want stability, which benefits an incumbent. So the whole theory is as shot as you are, my dude.

Why waste your effort trying to insult Democrats on the internet, anyway?

It is a known thing, people who vote Republican, they see themselves as being Republicans. They're on the red team and proud, they get a sense of identity and community out of that dumb shit.

Then, there are the people who have a) an education, and b) a job, people better equipped to understand the world around them, who feel like they have some stake in things.

When these people look at elections under our two-party system, they usually think to themselves, "Well, both these guys suck. But these guys over here, they REALLLLY suck. Next-level, pure, unadulterated shit. So, I'm gonna vote for these other guys, who suck a bit less, the Democrats."

That's it, that's the way rational people interact with this system. The Republicans, that's the shit-clowns that just loooove lickin' boots and getting scammed, people who can't help but get fooled... you tell them, "Hey, we're the winning team, the big, strong guys. We're tough, and we don't take any shit! We're proud, not like the crybabies and the pinkos and the SJWs."

They stroke your pitiful, underdeveloped egos to get you to vote for the most ridiculous, heinous, and self-destructive shit. I mean, why pay your taxes and then get Social Security retirement + disability insurance out of the deal, plus Medicare so you can have healthcare when your old, and Medicaid just in case you become disabled or completely broke, when you can pay taxes and not get a fuckin thing? I mean, think about it... wanting to actually get something for your money... that's for pussies!

Hamish said...

So @Joe Biden has dementia, just to paraphrase, Orange Man Bad. Is that about right?

Joe Biden has dementia said...


well... he's got the fattest, most womanly ass of any President in my lifetime.

That is one big plus, but LIBERALS will never give him credit for it!


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