Friday, March 13, 2020

Blind Item #8

It is rare that a tabloid takes any kind of stand about anything. The thing is though, they probably won't be in business much longer unless they change tactics, so they decided to talk truth about the A list "singer" and not worry so much about access. They won't ever get that again.


Tricia13 said...


MyDogSmiles said...


Tricia13 said...

Whose the tabloid? Enquirer?

MyDogSmiles said...

She's talking about her dad

sandybrook said...

Timberlake/ getting sent to therapy by Biel/ the Enquirer? I'd say BritBrit but she's been permanent A list "singer" here mostly

IndieRaga said...

She must've served her purpose after all these final squeeze and toss out!

Taika Naptiti said...

@Tricia13 US Weekly

Olive Iyes said...

Honestly, tabloids were 80s fodder that should have gone out the window with Oprah. What a stain on society in general.

gauloise said...

Radar? There was that blind saying they were on the brink of going out of business

Tricia13 said...

Thanks @Taiki:) can’t believe that is still
On shelves lol

Brayson87 said...

“Britney has expressed that she doesn’t want to work again because she doesn’t want to continue to essentially keep herself under the conservatorship,” the source tells Us. “Britney resents that her dad is given a monthly allowance which is around $10,000 a month for his services overseeing her finances.”

Brayson87 said...

F*ck him, $120,000 a year just to make sure his daughter doesn't blow her brains out? You can pay non-family a lot less to give a sh!t.

Good for you Britney! And you're right, once that old bastard stops getting hooker money he'll probably give up that conservatorship.

longtimereader said...

'tabloids were 80s fodder...' what do you think CDAN is? entertainment for soccer moms on a coffee break.

Brayson87 said...

@longtime, You obviously weren't paying attention to the reader photos 😉

Studio54 said...

The National Enquirer, and AMI are expletive deleted. From Ronan Farrow's "Catch and Kill"

"For a brief, shining moment, I was an all-caps, sans serif, recurring villain in the pages of the
National Enquirer. A few days after the doorman story broke, a first comment request arrived,
about the uncle I couldn’t recall having met, whom Weinstein had brought up in his legal threat
letters: “The National Enquirer intends to publish a story reporting Ronan Farrow’s uncle John
Charles Villiers-Farrow was convicted of sexually abusing two 10-year-old boys.” Shortly after that,
intermediaries began sending messages aggressively soliciting “d*** pics.” When I failed to send
any, the Enquirer published a complaint that I’d refused. When I responded with anything that
seemed flirtatious or frank, Howard ran that, too. Howard and his colleagues reached out for
comment about fabricated yarns, including one implicating me and another journalist, who’d
worked on a prominent story critical of AMI, in some sort of Brazilian sex romp. (If only my life were
so exciting.)

"These machinations had been the least elaborate of Howard’s efforts. He had also, several AMI
employees said, deployed a subcontractor associated with Coleman-Rayner—the same
infrastructure used to create secret recordings for Weinstein—to surveil Jonathan in Los Angeles.
His home had been watched, his movements followed. Howard would “come in and be like, ‘We’re
gonna put a tail on Ronan’s boyfriend,’” one of the employees recalled. And later: “I’ve got someone
following him, we’re gonna find out where he’s going.” Howard said the employees’ assertions were
false. In the end, the employees said, Jonathan’s routine had been so boring the subcontractor
surveilling him had given up."

Studio54 said...

The Enquirer's "sale" last April, 2019 has suspiciously not closed yet, leading to speculation the whole thing was a "parked transaction" and the same expletive deleted are still running the rag:

Studio54 said...

Excellent article on the Enquirer, Trump and "sale" of company

Quote: "With the exception of Hyson, who was forced to interrupt a vacation in the Netherlands to speak with me, approximately zero people I talked to had anything positive to say about their experience working for the Enquirer."

Brayson87 said...

+1 Studio, Nice research 👍

Studio54 said...

@Brayson87: Thank you very much!

MichiganMama59 said...

I remember how great the tabs used to be. The Enquirer lost its mojo after Mike Walker died.


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