Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #5

March 18, 2020

Being wasted on wine and also baked from pot is probably not the best time for you to share your opinions on social issues to the millions of people watching your social media feed. This is what the former A list tweener/naked celebrity turned B+ list adult actress has learned.

Vanessa Hudgens


sandybrook said...

What else is there to do when you are quaranteened?? Eat, drink, and whatever.

Freed Weave said...

How did she become so fugly all of a sudden. Considering she's been almost full-on Kim K thirsty on her socials theses days.

Tricia13 said...
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PhillyWilly said...

Freed, you think shes ugly??
I dont think she is classically beautiful in any sense, but there is something about her.
I also find her talented. When they put on Rent Live, I found it nearly unwatchable, save her.

Unknown said...

She should stick to flashing her fish burger online.

CJ said...

Her comments were so offensive to me that if I see her in any TV show or movie, I'll change the channel.

Ava said...

Her comments weren’t wrong though. People are just too much into their feelings.

SlimKeith said...

Evangeline Lilly was incredibly offensive--she implied that those of us that followed the quarantine didn't "value our freedom as highly" as her. WTF? SHe lives in LA in an isolated home. It really pissed me, idiots listen to her and she knows it-it's bad enough she advised people to go out but then she made that passive aggressive dig. Ashat. I've never even seen her in anything. Wasn't Lost on 10 yrs ago? What else has she done?

I value my freedom but I live 5 minutes outside NYC in a building with 18 families most of whom work in the city. There's no doubt some of us will get it but hopefully not NOW and not as bad if we quarantine. They've brought in several ice trucks for temporary morgues-that's really creepy.
Is Trump to blame for all the people who will die from attending Mardi Gras? He kept advising us this was overblown and fake news.


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