Monday, April 27, 2020

Blind Item #11 - The Tapes

If you are an A list actor of a certain age and live on the west coast, you have seen it. If you were an A list actor and are of a certain age you have probably seen it. I have previously written about the mother who sold the virginity of her actress daughter. No, there is no recording of that as far as I know, however, there are recordings of this actress at a much younger age shown in multiple staged sexual scenarios with a former A list director. He was big on sexualizing young girls so they would be better women when they got older. Considering the views of his wife, I'm not sure how they got along. Considering the issues, the actress faced in her life because of what happened, is not something he even thought was related to his actions. He used to show these scenes at parties with other directors and actors and producers. Although, the actress was arguably the most famous, he destroyed the lives of multiple actresses you know who now suffer from PTSD and have attempted suicide multiple times and battled addiction trying to cope with their past. Meanwhile, all of those actors of a certain age, always invited the director back excited to see what he brought next.

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