Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Today's Blind Items - The Real Story

Considering what was involved, it was one of the most hushed up things in recent memory. Essentially you had one story in the news when it happened and then another at the conclusion. There was no middle and definitely no followup to what happened at the end. A live in employee of a permanent A lister was supposed to be off work that day. She came back early though because she hadn't been feeling well. What she walked in to scared her to her core. Somehow, despite being scared at what she saw before her, and the offspring that was obviously being offered up, she managed to get a couple pictures to turn into authorities. She never got that chance. She was told by her employers the new story she would be telling if she ever had to talk to police. She never did. The employers didn't want her breaking under pressure. The employee confided in a couple of people. One of those wanted to go to the police but was talked out of it. He then arranged a meeting with the employer to tell them he was going to go the police. Instead, because he was a foreign national, he was deported in under 24 hours because the employer had that kind of pull. Some other calls were made and everything was swept under the rug from 7,000 miles away. The whole thing just went poof. The frightening speed this all went away was crazy.

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