Monday, April 27, 2020

Today's Blind Items - The Dead Director

Most of you won't know this recently deceased director. He's known only by a certain audience, and by a certain audience within that certain audience to boot. His biggest days were decades ago during a different time of filmmaking that is idolized by certain A list directors. He's also a rapist. A multiple time rapist. He got caught once a few years ago, but it was pushed to the side because he was forgotten at that point. Now that he's dead, wait for the tributes from the audience of his films to come in. But it wasn't the only case.  I wonder if that A+ athlete/entertainer in his corner of the athletic world knew the director was a multiple rapist when he declared the director's best known film his favorite film recently? Wonder if the streaming service he did it on knew it? Wonder if the A/A- list host with a gimmick going back decades knew?   Wonder if the A list director in the same genre as our deceased director knows each time he praises the director. Watching the film, you can tell. The director may not be known, but now that he's dead, maybe the audience for his films should be told.

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