Thursday, April 30, 2020

Today's Blind Items - Cancer Shmancer, Just Give Me The Money

Have you noticed how this cable network has just gone radio silent about a certain individual. She used to be one of the people they would talk about on an almost daily basis. Each member of the network galaxy had something to say to her and led to a whole bunch of money pouring into this person. Then it stopped on a dime.

Leading the charge was this former Housewife who will back faster than you can say charity doesn't quench my thirst. Because she was going along with it, her sycophant who also hosts a talk show was right there too. They led the charge for people to donate money to this woman. They also realized at some point, they had some liability when the truth was discovered so tried to walk away as quickly as possible.

I mean you had the multiple reality star who also stars in the bar show vouching for her and everyone else on that cast. The cast flew the person out and made sure to plug her fund too.

Helping her with this scheme is a small town radio host who never misses a chance to talk about the fund and how anyone can donate. If the network wanted, they could probably get it shut down by calling her out, but they won't because of what they did in the beginning and their potential liability for their actions.

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