Saturday, May 02, 2020

Blind Item #2 - Mr. X - Old Hollywood

This is a follow up to a BI about an Oscar winning Hollywood producer known for a specific genre and predator. I know many of you were thinking if he had an encounter with that A+++ list singer and actress who starred in many of the films he produced. Thankfully no. Because he respected her even though there were times they were at each other's throats. The producer always said she "thought like a man" she could negotiate with the top brass of the studio which many stars were afraid to do. She always joked that she learned it in her vaudeville days from her parents when  theater openers gypped her family on several occasions by not paying them upfront. Her mentor and surrogate father figure was the producer's right hand man. Since he was the star's closest friend, word of a possible assault would go directly to him and right to the head honcho of the studio they worked for. His young victims always had a sympathetic ear from the star because she had been in that position once herself being a former teen star (her assault by Old Hollywood Harvey was discussed in another BI). During the filming of one of her best known films, one of her young costars (not the one you think) came to the star saying the producer exposed himself in his office during a meeting and also groped her. The star decided to get even. She set up a meeting with the producer to discuss this incident. She decided to pull a Sharon Stone and go in wearing no panties. When the producer noticed it, she responded with "Well you get to air your dick out in your office so I'm taking your advice and giving my bush some breathing room". She told him to cut out the predatory behavior or she would tell it to her mentor, etc etc. He listened, but his young victim was so scarred she left showbiz soon afte her assault. 

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