Thursday, April 30, 2020

Blind Item #9 - The Cult

There is a cult located in a capital city in the US. It is their only location, or if it is not, it is by far their biggest location. The leader of the cult actually talked about applying for a small business loan because their business has been down. Their whole method of operation involves going to bars on a very famous street and snatching drunk college students and taking them back to the cult's "campus." Their method works surprisingly well. The name of the group sounds a lot like the source of drinking water. Anyway, with an annual festival canceled and the university closed, they have not been able to get "recruits." This has cost them a lot of revenue because the new recruits bring in the most money. It is a remarkable operation and finally the federal government is investigating them, but, hey try and grab some of that free money while they can.

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