Friday, May 29, 2020

Four For Friday - Compromised

It could be the ultimate honey trap. The trap part though generally requires the person to feel some type of guilt they were trapped. That is the part that gives the blackmailing person or government the leverage. In this case though, this permanent A list celebrity in his area of the country was happy to be honey trapped as much as companies or governments wanted. He has an understanding with his wife, so he wasn't going to be shamed or blackmailed. What was soon discovered though is this A lister would talk about every single person he came into contact with or asked for his blessing for something. Every single person who wanted to move up the ladder met with him and in many cases slept with him. Each of those people he would then talk about and discuss their strengths and weaknesses. He did this for years, knowing that the person he was saying these things too was relaying the information to those who could use it and there is a lot to use, especially this year. Oh, and other than the really really really really rich actor, this A lister knows more about the secrets of the former spouse of an A+ lister in the same celebrity status pool. Our A lister doesn't play favorites.

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