Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Today's Blind Items - Creepy

This director is married. He is foreign born and has children. He is a dual threat director and is an Oscar nominee/winner. Much like this other A+ list director became infatuated with the A+ list mostly movie actress with whom he always worked, our foreign born director has an even more creepy vibe about him. It is one thing to work with a particular foreign born actress in almost every one of your projects. It is quite another to fly many thousands of miles to visit her on a set of a movie she is shooting. The people who witnessed him that day assumed the pair were dating because of how close he was to the actress all the time and all the touching he did. He followed the actress around all day and he definitely seemed much more into her than she was into him. Of course it could also be because she was working and he is married and she didn't want everyone to know her business. Apparently he makes this a habit of showing up on sets where she is shooting and checks up on her. He hates not being able to see her every day which is why he casts her in almost everything he does. I wonder what his wife thinks about the whole thing.

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