Friday, June 12, 2020

Four For Friday - The Blooper Reels - Part One - Mr. X - Old Hollywood Blind

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I didn't know these existed. I heard rumors that they were destroyed in a vault fire, but they do indeed exist.  I personally have not seen these, but I've heard rumors about what was on them, Basically, every year during its golden era the lion studio would have a New Year's Eve party for all the stars, the producers, directors, crew, etc. pretty much everyone who worked at the studio. The big highlight would be a black and white blooper reel featuring uncensored flubs from the studio's current slate of feature films and short subjects. Unlike the rival studio whose blooper reels are readily available these have not been seen by the general public. And unlike the other studio's reels, there is nudity and lots of uncensored cursing among other things. The reels that survive date from about 1936 to 1953 (although there were some made earlier and those are rumored to be in a private collector's hands). They were in the possession of a multiple Oscar winning/nominated director who directed some of the studio's biggest films in a specific genre. After his death they were passed on to his actress/singer spawn who got the 35mm prints transferred to 16mm so she could trot them out at parties and show to guests. Both sets of prints were found when she and her managers were combing through a storage locker to gather items from an auction. She sent them off to an archive to be preserved but don't get your hopes up on seeing them anytime soon because she has told the archive to release them after she dies. What's exactly is on those reels will be discussed in part 2. To be continued.

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