Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Today's Blind Items - Yes, He Cheated. But,

It is considered one of the most tabloid fodder worthy of relationships in the past 60 years. I haven't counted, but I would imagine they have been on the cover of hundreds of weekly magazines. They were on the covers so often because people couldn't get enough. Each time they were on the cover, issues would sell 20-30% higher than the weeks they were not. When the couple split, it didn't stop the magazines from still putting them on the covers and sales soared even more after the split. But why did they split? Why really? Yes, he cheated, but the weekly magazines knew there were underlying causes so to speak. What was making the relationship tumultuous even before the split? The magazines knew, but kept quiet. They were placed under enormous pressure to stay silent. One magazine was all set to publish an article while the couple were married and were threatened with never getting another celebrity interview ever if they did. What was the big secret? Apparently there were multiple abortions over the years and it made it impossible for the wife to get pregnant. The husband wanted a family, and it just wasn't happening. There was going to be a split. It just didn't happen the way either of them would have preferred. The cheating forced their hand.

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