Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Today's Blind Items - One Of A Kind Night

It has been over two decades now since one of the most talked about party nights ever, happened in Hollywood. It was an after party of a party that took place after the Oscars. It was a night that saw some of the most unusual pairings at a party that anyone has ever seen. You had this permanent A list singer hooking up with at the time, maybe a B list actor. He has reached A list, but now is about A- list and does television instead of movies. Also that night, this A- list actress continued something she had started the previous week when she hooked up with this reclusive B+ list actor. I don't think they saw each other again after that second time hooking up. There was also this at the time A+ list mostly movie actor who didn't hook up with anyone but made out with multiple women including an Oscar winner from the previous year.

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