Friday, August 07, 2020

Four For Friday - Bad Drug Behavior

#1 - This back in the day A+ list supermodel who has done reality television and slowly faded into the background of celebrity was at NYFW and yelled out backstage for someone to bring her some coke. Five minutes later, you see her in a corner of the room bent over a makeup table telling a guy about to have sex with her (presumably in exchange for the coke) he has five minutes because she still has to do hair and makeup.

#2 - This foreign born former A+ list television actor who comes from an acting family and it is arguable who in the family is higher on the list, was in a restaurant. Our actor was seated and began touching his tablecloth and remarking how it was the greatest texture he ever felt and was soon sprawled over the table trying to touch more of it. He then went to several other tables to feel their tablecloths and then ended up rolling over them and remarking how good they felt even though he was wearing a jacket and shirt and pants. He was knocking over food and just loving the textures.

#3 - This 90's teen actor maybe made it to A- list before things went south because of drugs. At one party at his house, he decided he was going to jet ski in his pool. The pool was maybe 25-30 feet long at its longest point. He dragged the jet ski from his garage and put it in the pool and did a couple of solid passes and was maintaining a decent speed. People breathed a sigh of relief and thought this might turn out OK. The actor then decided he could get enough speed to jump the hot tub and land in the grass beyond. By some miracle of miracles, he ended up in the hot tub alive. The jet ski caused a small explosion as it slammed into a fence about 100 feet beyond the hot tub.

#4 - This at the time A- list mostly movie actress who is a Golden Globe winner/nominee drove into a local shopping mall called the Beverly Center. She scraped her car getting a ticket to park. She scraped the other side of her car parking too close to a concrete post. She then went to this huge escalator that is used to move between levels. She set her body on the top step and swayed there for perhaps and instant or two before tumbling down 50 or 60 steps. Her body halted by a guy who was most of the way down. Her friends rush and help her and pick her up. They make sure she is doing OK and they move to the next escalator down. Her friends hold on to her. She refuses their help and shakes them off and then proceeds to fall down about 30 steps before she runs into the same man again.

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