Thursday, August 06, 2020

Today's Blind Items - A Journey

I think the book idea is probably too toxic to sell. However, there are several magazines that I think would make a nice 10,000 word monstrosity of a feature about some of what this guy is pitching. He is coming from the angle of someone who was a lover/confidante to the subject. Essentially he says that this B list singer/host who was A++ list back in the day feels as if he has kept his mouth shut and deserves more. Why did he have to keep his mouth shut? Because he knows about several guys an A list singer has been with over time. The A list singer is married and having any of his past like that is not a place he wants to go or come near or see down the road. The B lister thinks the A lister should be more "cooperative." As crazy as it is, that is just one part of the story. This person also claims that while he and the B lister were a couple, they were partying a few years ago on a yacht in the Med with a bunch of European celebrities neither of them knew, but it was a fun party and lots of pretty people. It was a good time. The yacht was docked and some people who had yachts moored at other parts of the pier would stop by and other party goers too. He remembers one trip who he thought were 100% European. They were tanned beyond belief and had longer hair. It was two men on either side of a woman. One of the men recognized the B list singer/host and talked about how he had booked the singer/host a dozen times and the singer knew who he was and exchanged greetings. It turns out the guy who did the booking was actually American. He then asked the singer/host of the yacht belonged to the singer who said no, and actually didn't know who it belonged to. He received an invitation to the party but didn't know if it was a company or the owner who was throwing it. The booker then asked if the bedrooms were available for anyone to use. The singer/host didn't know. The booker then asked the singer/host and the person telling the story if the two men wanted to join the trip below deck for some fun. The pair declined and the trio went on their way looking for the bunks. The guy asked the singer/host who it was and said it was this offspring of a permanent A list celebrity who was probably turning over in his very conservative grave.

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