Friday, January 29, 2021

Blind Item #6 - Reader Blind

 The story of an altercation between several stars A, B, and C

A and B starred together on a popular TV show a number of decades ago for which they both won the same prestigious award. They were already friends and became even better friends on this show. After the show finished, Both went onto further success - A was in a number of well known films and also directed.  B was in movies including a successful franchise.

Some time later, A produced and had a supporting role on a show that grew in popularity. When it wasn't popular yet, still a cult show, A was contacted by C who liked the show and wanted to star in it but A turned him down flat and blocked him from ever appearing.


C is primarily known for his live work but his big break  was the show that launched a thousand careers. He was eventually fired from that show allegedly because he told too many jokes about other certain famous people but that’s not the whole truth. C, in those days, was a severe alcoholic and was violent and out of control when drunk. Specific accusations against him were 1.) sexually harassing a young staff member 2.) getting into several fistfights including with other staff members.

B had been in a comedy club and witnessed C, still in his alcoholic period, molesting a waitress who didn’t like it. He had walked over  and tried to get C to stop but C hauled off and punched him in the face despite the fact B is an older man.  This was why A refused to let C on his show.  C has made a joke out of this in interviews a few times.

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