Monday, January 25, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Wrestlers vs Rock Stars

This former A+ list wrestler who still works in the sport was in a hotel lobby back in the day, and it was during the middle of the night. Apparently, the only phone that was working was the pay phone there. A short time later, the wrestler's tag team partner came in from a long night out. They are in the lobby talking when this van pulls up to the front of the hotel and several young guys jump out that are loud, drunk and annoying. 

The pair watch what these "kids" are doing and how they are acting. Then the young guys started giving the female front desk clerk a bunch of crap because she couldn't find their reservation. They were calling her names and yelling at her. There were about eight guys in total, including, what they later found out were roadies. 

So, our wrestlers decided to intervene. They walk over and tell them to relax and to chill because the woman was scared. So, the loudest guy, who was also the smallest guy walks up to the wrestlers and tells them to mind their own f**ing business. The wrestlers laughed in his face and told him that he and his friends were going to end up going to the emergency room if he didn't back up and shut up. He backed up and said that the wrestlers were outnumbered. Meanwhile the front desk clerk had hit a police button or something because all of sudden cops were there and that was that.

The next day the wrestlers were packing their bags to head to the arena and they had MTV on in the room and they had a segment on this hot new band and they instantly recognized the guy from the previous night who had told them to mind their business. He is the lead singer of this permanent A list band who had just blown up at the time. 

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