Friday, January 29, 2021

Four For Friday - That Was Quick

I was going to just give the benefit of the doubt and go with the official version of events from this world famous family. The guy had a heart attack a couple weeks ago, and leave it at that. I mean, yes, his mom had killed his dad, but that was a long time ago, and the mom thought the dad was killing the business. I mean, he was for sure, so she wanted her son to take over. He did, and things began to change and change and the fund was doing amazing, but it wasn't because of the son. The son was more interested in sailing and yachting trips. It was actually the son's wife who restored the bank/fund to what it was once before. She consolidated everything under one roof. She also decided to restore things back to the glory days and took everything private, so no one could look into the books or see who was investing. She has long long ties to the drug industry, and wanted to bring them on as clients. They would be happy to park their money somewhere safe and wouldn't complain about fees like every other western company. One tiny problem with the new customers. Her husband didn't approve. Her husband is now dead.

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