Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Today's Blind Items - A Promotion Too Far

This former athlete is permanent A+ list in his corner of the sports world and has been for decades. He retired from the sports side of things a few years back due to a well publicized medical emergency but is still a regular fixture in his other role. There was a controversy engulfing him several decades ago, and he was officially found not guilty the general consensus is he did do what he was accused of. He likes them very young.

This is not the subject of the blind as it's been talked about too much. Rather, he is one of the biggest homophobes outside the Westboro Baptist Church. He absolutely hates gay people. The time when he referred to another performer using homophobic slurs on live TV has been shrugged off as him just portraying his character. It wasn't.

When he was told his offspring was to take part in a live "gay wedding" (at a time when gay weddings were still illegal), he royally lost it with the sports/entertainment mogul all of you know. He had him pinned against the wall, screaming in his face that his child was not a "f****t" and threatening to quit unless the segment was scrapped. It was, but the idea was revived with two other performers long after the idea of gay weddings stopped being shocking.

So let me get this straight, liking very young girls is okay but homosexuality isn't?

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