Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Blind Items Revealed #3

 April 28, 2021

The alliterate one - "How can we do something to help the world unite and at the same time be self serving?"

A list celebrity/former co-star - "OMG right. Like, I wish I could just take a wand and make it all go away while doing an IG live. I know what will make everyone happy. A concert."

The alliterate one - "Right? Like this could be our Live Aid, except better. And with Zoom, we don't have to do anything except find some people to play in their living rooms. I would help, but you know I am pregnant and I need to save my strength for some pap appearances before giving birth. I don't know anyone, and you do, so you line everyone up and I will make myself and husband campaign chairs because, well you know, royalty."

A list celebrity/former co-star - "I don't know anyone either, but will get my husband to line everyone up. Oh, except for the President. I will sign him up."

The alliterate one - "Well, don't tell him I am running for President because he might cancel. What should we call this? Live Vax? Live Aid 2? Oh, how about Vax Live?"

A list celebrity/former co-star - "Perfect. And the tag line can be Can't Leave Anybody Behind."

The alliterate one - "That is so good. Like your tags are amazing and you know me so well, because I have never left anyone behind in my wake of destruction to get to the top."

A list celebrity/former co-star - "Thank you! I stand in front of my mirror all day trying out tag lines in case I get to be a Housewife."

The alliterate one - "The world doesn't know how much they need us."

Meghan Markle/Chrissy Teigen

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