Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Leering

This A list mostly television actor has got really lucky twice on television with two big hits. The latter hit was the huge moneymaker for him, but the first is what this blind is referring to. The actor, along with just about every other guy on the show would show up for "Audition Thursday," which they referred to as T**ty Thursday. Each Thursday, the producers/casting people would see all of the female extras and walk ons they were going to bring in for the following week. Because of the nature of this show, most of the women cast wore very little clothing and the auditions did the same. The woman would get up in front of about fifty guys all staring at her in a bikini before she would be told to jump up and down. They usually wouldn't let her stop until her breasts fell out of the bikini. This would all be filmed of course and the guys would be taking photos. If a woman complained or protested, she wouldn't be hired and she would often be yelled at by the group of guys and be forced to leave the room as they called her all manner of names. By the end of the process, many of the guys would be drunk and there would be groping going on. If a woman had been there before, she knew to go early was the best option.

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