Friday, May 07, 2021

Four For Friday - Bad Drug Behavior - 90's Edition

#1 - This actress was a huge part of this tween/teen show, but her career crashed and burned after a really bad movie choice. The cast and crew had to get really creative about where they would stash their drugs because she would take them if she found them.

#2 - This horrible actress all of you know, likes to pretend she never did drugs. Please. She did a ton of them and then would get wasted and tell everyone she could end their careers with one phone call. 

#3 - This actually involves two actors who were co-stars in this classic film. One is an A+/A list actor and the other, not so much, but comes from an acting family. The two did cocaine nonstop and were drinking nonstop and it got to the point that they were making every shot unusable. The director made a deal with them and said if they stayed sober during the day, he would pay for their partying at night. A deal was made.

#4 - This former A+ list mostly movie actor took a handful of pills and then crashed a car through half of the set of this very hit movie he made.

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