Friday, June 11, 2021

Blind Item #12 - Reader Blind

Two stories of athletes in the same sport at the same ongoing event....

1.) This male closeted athlete who is from the country where the large ongoing event is occurring is arguably in the twilight of his career. There was a scandal earlier in his career involving substances. The athlete's story how he he interacted with those substances was accepted by authorities. It was partially true.  He did not take the substance directly but did receive it from placing his lips on another person's body. However, it was a not a woman he was with and it wasn't through kissing on the mouth.

2.) This female athlete who was won big twice in her sport pulled out of the ongoing event allegedly either because of an injury or to show solidarity with another female athlete who did the same thing. Neither is true. She is tired of being questioned about the incident of a few years years ago where she was a victim. The true story of this was that she was basically the sex slave of an oligarch in her home country who sponsored her until she broke away and this was his response. The fact that video has surfaced of her in all types of sexual acts is something she wants to avoid discussing.

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