Saturday, June 12, 2021

Blind Item #4 - Reader Blind

A lot of people assumed this deceased Tony winning/Tony nominated/Oscar nominated actor was gay which was due to his slightly effeminate showy style, his career in music theatre, and his lifelong childless marriage which many assumed was a marriage of convenience.

In fact, the opposite was true.  The actor was a relentless womanizer who talked constantly about sex. His wife was unable to bear children but he did have a couple children with different women, one of whom received a payout from his estate.

A story about him - When he was at the height of his success during a theatrical production of his most famous role both in the theatre and in the film version, which was in a musical, he required a woman be ready for him backstage during costume changes and interludes, she would be naked and ready and he would have sex with her quickly from behind while they were both standing up before rushing back on stage to continue the show.

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