Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Today's Blind Items - The Actress

There has always been talk about secret babies in this family. They are after all, very good at keeping secrets. It was even easier prior to social media and to keep the press from publishing something that would do damage to the family. This actress reached her peak at about B+ list worldwide, but got to A list in her own country. For the first five or six years of her career, she had a lover who is very very high up in this family. The heir actually. The pair would hook up every chance they got. She was exactly his type and didn't expect anything from him but a good time. At one point in time, he gave her a family heirloom which he had to ask for back because a parental unit discovered it missing. At the peak of her fame, they had to split because of the attention she received at home. She found out she was pregnant and quickly married a man who she was with for only a few years. That could cause some issues, now couldn't it.

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