Friday, June 11, 2021

Four For Fridays - 80's & 90's Action Stars

#1 - This foreign born on the smaller side action star liked to pay hookers to walk on him while wearing stilettoes. 

#2 - An actress/celebrity ex of this permanent A list actor used to tell friends that the actor liked to be tied down and then peed on. She stopped telling the story after he sent her a check.

#3 - This actor is more of a celebrity now and was always the supporting player in most of the action movies in which he starred. He was an A list celebrity while being a B list actor. He hit on every single girlfriend his son(s) ever brought home. He also slept with a bunch of them.

#4 - This action star was more action because of good editing and stunt doubles. Foreign born and in a long running franchise for a few years. A foreign born significant other of his that many of you know, used to charge him to have sex with her. She said that he paid her before they were a couple and it wasn't going to be free, just because they were a couple.

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