Thursday, June 10, 2021

Blind Item #5 - Reader Blind

A while back, this very old retired actor finished an autobiography with the help of a co-write.  This actor was never A list but was in many big films with A+ list stars of the days.  His most famous role was a supporting one on a TV show with a female headliner who has since repudiated the show.

In the book are details that are not surprising - The actor who never married and had no children comes out but it's always been well known that he was gay.  He confirms a sexual relationship with an iconic short-lived actor. They were in a film together .

But in the book are also observations of a body the actor refers to as the organization. This group which was made up of studio bigwigs, organized crime and various shadowy types would provide children for sex for top level stars.

Once the rough draft of the autobio reached a publisher, word spread quickly. The organization still exists albeit in slightly different form and they were quick to pounce.  They paid off the co-writer to disappear. The actor is infirm and does require daily assistance. They replaced all his caregivers and denied any access to him making him basically a prisoner. The actor tried several times to make contact with the outside world. The response? A press release was put out saying he will no longer sign autographs due to his advancing age. 

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