Friday, August 20, 2021

Blind Item #11

Dear judges of this new reality competition which is in of itself a ripoff of others, much like the company itself,

I realize part of the deal that you accepted in return for your $10M paydays is that you had to defend the fashion company no matter what. They gave all of you talking points which you all used very well this week. They also advised you to turn off comments, which you all did this week too. 

One of your main talking points is that this is designed to help young people in fashion and they will get $100K. Wow. Amazing. You then wash your hands and are done with it. Did you happen to look at the contract of the winner????? The one that says things like the company owns everything the designer does and that the company will make tens upon tens of millions of dollars while the designer will make next to nothing?? Research. You didn't and your fans should eat you alive.

Love & Bacon,


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