Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Dark Arts

Generally when I see or hear some celebrity is doing rituals or claiming to do sacrifices, I think it is mostly done for thirst, because they want attention. For the vast majority, I don't think they are doing anything other than taking photos and videos for Instagram. The flowering financial institution is an exception to that rule. She goes full on. 

This is not about her though, it is about this foreign born A- list actor who has an unusual last name, but is shared by others in the industry. There has been talk going back for years about people being terrified when they visited his home because of how sterile it looked. There was also talk about him having an operating room or something that looked like it. Until recently, it was a lot of talk. A few weeks ago, a house came on the market for sale with an entire operating theatre and a reporter I speak to a few times a year from the same country as the actor remarked to me that our actor did indeed have something similar in his home and there was a huge coverup about a decade ago when he was at his peak. A refugee in that country told a story of escaping from the actor and his home. Police went to the home and did find everything the refugee said they would find, but no charges were filed against the actor for kidnapping because he didn't harm the refugee and said it was a misunderstanding. The police also chose to not ask the actor about why he had an operating room in his home and whether it had been previously used, and for what.

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