Thursday, August 19, 2021

Blind Item #9 - Reader Blind

Name the former singer in a 90’s pop trio, now known for gaining and losing weight more than singing, who had a very short-lived daytime talk show.  Producers knew the show was doomed on Day 20 when the host / singer freaked the F out because she didn’t hear her trio’s song playing as the phone hold music.  This singer in a 90’s pop trio who also had a daytime talk show for a minute was always more consumed with her lunch order rather than the show prep producers were trying to give her. Her fave lunch was a quart of pork lo mein, egg rolls and Hostess snowballs. Finally, this singer in a 90’s pop trio thought she could compete in the daytime talk show market. While focus groups told us the audience wanted ‘solutions’ at the end of every show like makeovers and three minute therapy sessions, this host thought singing to the guests would work in Segment 5. Mmmm, after a guest comes on to talk about her step mom murdering their dad, and making the kids bury the body, they were not interested in being serenaded. #Awkward

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