Friday, August 20, 2021

Four For Friday - Bad D List Behavior

 You have heard of these people, but none of them are higher than a solid B-/C+

#1 - This celebrity who has offspring higher on the list, filmed his on again off again significant other having sex with a dog.

#2 - This B-/C+ list reality star from multiple shows used to give her kids sleeping pills to go to sleep. This was when they were babies and after she had done a bunch of drugs while pregnant.

#3 - The executive producers of this former long running pay cable show that focused on entertainment, once promised a woman she could get a recurring role if she slept with four of the producers/writers. She did, and then they didn't give her any type of part.

#4 - This C+ list actor who once had 15 minutes used to apply to work at pre-schools, just so he could get inside the doors and photograph kids with a secret camera.

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