Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Blind Item #8 - Reader Blind

Back in the early days of Facebook (2004-2006), it was somehow possible for me to friend this comedian. We chatted on Facebook and when he was in Minneapolis touring, we spoke about meeting up after the show. Now for me, I was an extremely naïve 22 year old who just wanted to meet my favorite comedian. He had other plans of course. 

So I get to meet him after the show and he gives me some free cds and a creepy hug. Later in the night I get a phone call from the comedian to meet up...except he wants me to meet him directly in his hotel room - in a voice unfamiliar to me...CREEPY. I kept declining and saying I just wanted to meet casually for a drink NOT IN HIS ROOM, but he insisted several more times that I come and sleep in his hotel room.

I firmly said no and had to end the call with him. I was completely disgusted knowing full well he was married with kids. This comedian tries to keep a clean image in front of the cameras by ensuring his jokes are free from swearing - so I was horrified that he would behave this way. This guy is beyond sleazy. And I'm sorry to ruin his comedy for you.

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