Friday, October 01, 2021

Blind Item #11 - Murder In New England - Part Eight

 (If you are still with me, I thank you. A story in a local paper summarized the problem: "It takes 300 words to describe a crime, and 30,000 words to describe a conviction")

       The creep and the real killer watched the testimony of the rapist on television. The jail guards were watching with them.

       The rapist must have snorted too much cocaine. First it was all about him. In his world there was no leader, creep, or real killer. He would state that he carried the gun into the house. The rapist would state that the widow never told him to kill her husband. Furthermore, he never told her that he killed her husband. The rapist just destroyed the prosecution's case.  While the real killer treated the husband with dignity, the rapist did not. The rapist's description is the scene is one where he tormented the husband, and the husband whimpered and begged for his life. Then the rapist cried.

      The jail guards roared with laughter. They told the two punks that the rapist destroyed the case. . He contradicted so much on what the real killer said. Also all that bragging destroyed the media image of these guys being innocent boys seduced by an evil teacher. The jury will be less sympathetic to them and side with the widow and acquit her. That may mean that they will spend the rest of her life in prison instead of being released in a few years. The crying also made the rapist look like a wimp..

      Later the boys would laugh and joke in front of the media. Many people were shocked by their cheerfulness. The prosecution's case was falling apart in front of their eyes. 

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