Thursday, September 30, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Like Napalm

These two women used to be best friends. They always hung out together and did coke together. They were in multiple threesomes with each other. The first one we will call AA. She was and is an actress. She peaked about A- list. The second one we will call BB. She has been an actress and a singer and a reality star and not very good at any of them, but all of you know her. They were best friends until a series of events over the course of a couple weeks resulted in them never speaking to each other again. AA, over the course of those couple of weeks, slept with the boyfriend of BB in BB's bed while BB was passed out in the living room. BB didn't find out about the sex in the bed until a couple of days later when she woke up from being passed out and found AA orally servicing BB's boyfriend in the kitchen of BB's house. She also discovered that AA had slept with two other very close friends of BB and made them pay her. AA definitely made a pass at BB's dad, but it isn't clear whether she slept with him. She also made a pass at the sister of BB. Oh, and stole about $10K worth of coke for herself.

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