Monday, September 13, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Hello Again

This A- list dual threat actor who has been top billed in a movie before and now has his own television show, was told by his employers to keep his nose clean. Sure, they could have been referring to his coke habit, but as long as he does it at home and doesn't die before the end of looping and doing press for the new show, they don't really care about the coke. Pretty tough to say anything about that when one of the top guys at the studios brags about how pure the coke he buys is.

They were troubled over his love of strippers, especially underage ones and his habit of big dollar poker games at his house where he would offer up these teen strippers to winners and when he was playing himself, to use them as kind of a cooler. The actor had been pretty good about being good, but that is because he was too busy filming and he stayed isolated because of the $1M penalty if he got COVID and if he was out of guidelines. 

Filming is over now though and our actor is making up for lost time. He thinks by partying up at Mammoth Mountain that no one would notice. He is probably right, but he is sending out party buses once a week to several strip clubs in the Bay Area. The strippers are completely legal at least according to the identification they submitted at the strip club. Ahem. However, many of their friends are not legal and our actor pays a big bonus to those who are not.

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