Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Protection - Anniversary Month

I don't write many wrestling blinds in this particular spot because it can be very difficult to give descriptions for the people involved. You have to go back a little while for this one. A wrestler I enjoyed getting together with when he would randomly appear in town to perform standup comedy was a great story teller. He was not necessarily the best stand up comic, but everyone loved him. I mean how many wrestlers get their stage name used as for the name of this iconic television family. He did. 

He and I went way back when I tried my hand at promoting wrestling. I wasn't very good at it and was still in high school when I tried. He was great and was the reason any wrestlers even agreed to take a chance on me. The very first promotion I did was in a high school gym. I had never been in a ring or seen one assembled, but I was fascinated and got right in that thing when it was ready to go. Our wrestler showed me a couple of things and I knew right away, I would never be a wrestler. I wandered around as others entered the locker room or used the weight room. One of the bigger wrestling names was in the weight room with the biggest name there. They were fighting. At first, I thought they were working out fight moves or what they were going to do, but it was a full on fight. There were no cameras. Just two guys jacked up on steroids trying to beat each other up.

I didn't understand what was going on at the time, but later found out from our wrestler what it was about. There was a female "manager" story line. The manager, to keep her job was passed around by the organization that ran wrestling in that area. To stop being passed around, she needed a protector. A wrestler agreed to do so because he liked her and they ended up married. Every so often the protective wrestler/husband had to beat up other wrestlers who were still trying to treat the manager like property. That always stuck with me and wondered how it was with other organizations at the time.

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