Friday, December 17, 2021

Four For Friday - Strange Sex Games

 #1 - This former A list "singer" turned network reality star split with an A- list mostly television actor boyfriend who all of you know because he liked to tie her up and pretend she was a high school student he had kidnapped.

#2 - This aging A- list actor from a big acting family is an Oscar winner/nominee. He bragged that he never had a sex scene in a movie where he didn't actually have sex.

#3 - This alliterate former A- list actress was in a long term relationship with this long long time A- list actress who has been in multiple hit shows. They had to stop seeing each other because they would be covered in bruises after any sex session they had.

#4 - Speaking of rough, this three named actor used to make this A list actress who is A- list now, cry every time they had sex because it was the only way he was happy. The actress said it was a miserable point in her life.

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