Thursday, December 16, 2021

Today's Blind Items - The Nice Guy

When anyone thinks about this foreign born A list actor, they think right away that he must be a nice guy. That would be anyone's first reaction if you asked about him. The married actor has made his public image to be a wonderful husband and father and guy. The kind of person you would want to be your best friend. Therefore, he is not the kind of person you would think who juggles a bunch of different lovers who all hate him. Our actor gets them to sign NDA's and when they split, he makes their lives miserable and sends his thugs and legal teams out to keep them in line. There has been at least one former lover who couldn't handle the nonstop press of hate, and ended up killing themselves. The actor's reaction was that he had one less person to pay every month and that maybe the others if they heard about it, might think it could happen to them too. Oh, yes, our actor conveniently forgot to mention to others that it was a suicide. 

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