Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Today's Blind Items - The Ban

This actor is foreign born. He is probably B+ list. He has reached A- list and is mostly known for television. He is an Emmy winner/nominee and works all the time. He is also thisclose to losing his entire career. If you thought the cleaning product actor was bad, you haven't seen anything. At least the cleaning product actor wasn't banned from the sex clubs he attended with his wife. I should probably mention that our actor has slept with the now former wife of the cleaning product actor and the cleaning product actor has slept with the now former wife of our actor. Interesting how the sex clubs lead to divorce. Anyway, our actor has been banned from most of the bigger sex clubs in this country and his own. His name and photo are known to the people who do private sex parties. His photo was circulated after he attended a party as a plus one to someone who was known. Our actor then was aggressive and essentially sexually assaulted multiple women that night. He said he had a bad reaction to pills and booze. The party was a $5K per person event and no waves were needed, so the matter was dropped. However, after that night, his photo was circulated so he couldn't be a plus one. It has got so bad that in registering for some of these sex parties, you have to attest you are not the actor and will not bring the actor to the party and that you will forfeit your fee and be banned.

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