Friday, June 24, 2022

Four For Friday - Killer Celebrities

Celebrities and barely there celebrities who got away with killing someone. No Courtney Love in this one and none that I have ever discussed before.

#1 - This one is really hard, but there was a foreign born character actor who worked a LOT. He was also a very good friend with an actor/rapist who has been in this space before. Well, the actor rapist got an actress pregnant and she refused to get an abortion, so the character actor was hired to do the job while the actor/rapist scooted out of town to have an alibi.

#2 - This permanent A list rapper has killed multiple people. I have already written about one that was getting too pushy so she was killed. In addition to that, there was a record label employee who ended up dead in a room at an after party, and the only person seen going into that room all night was the rapper.

#3 - There have  been many celebrities who have killed people in car accidents and such, but they were never on purpose. However, this flash in the pan former A list actor who doesn't really even work any longer, was angry at a woman who turned him down at a bar and he intentionally ran her over when she left the bar. He tells the story to explain why he has a drug and alcohol problem, but they were around long before this supposedly happened. 

#4 - Technically this A+/A list actress didn't commit any murders, HOWEVER, she knew who a killer was and knew he was going to kill someone and didn't stop him and also didn't report what she knew to the police about it and continues to do nothing to this day. 

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