Thursday, June 23, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Changing History

This singer was A list for a minute. One name. She has the strangest fascination with guns and violence and death. She has phone sex with murderers and has been the girlfriend of several. When she was super young, not even old enough to drive, her goal was to sleep with the head of the meanest gang she could find. While she was doing that, she was trying to sleep with, and she will say succeeded in sleeping with this permanent A list rapper. This is where it gets crazy, and I think she thinks she believes her words. Apparently the rapper broke it off with her and she wanted revenge and that is why he ended up dead. That of course changes every conversation we have had about his death. Maybe she told someone and they said they would do it, but didn't, but she believes they were doing it for her? Why would you even want to claim that as your own?

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