Monday, June 13, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Never Changed

Over the weekend I got a couple of tips about this one hit wonder who has several other family members on the list. He probably ranks second in the family. The tips this weekend said he was acting really aggressively to female fans and his behavior with female fans and his constant cheating definitely contributed to his recent divorce.

When he was at the peak of his fame, he once toured with a group that also enjoyed flash in the pan success and also were total jerks to their fans. The group's name also is part of a very famous book. Anyway, our singer and this other group would compete every night in some new contest which invariably involved a body count of female fans. As the tour progressed, the games went from annoying to downright mean. One of the games was how many women could you get naked and then toss out of your dressing room/bus/hotel room naked, leaving their clothes behind. Whenever I think about the singer trying to pretend he is focused on family and tries to make it seem as if he is some kind of role model, I just have to think about the tour and the horrible things he and that band did to women and I am using the term women loosely because I'm sure there were a huge number who were underage. Can I prove it? No. Did they play all ages clubs sometimes? Yes. Did they ask their victims for ages? No.

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