Monday, July 04, 2022

Blind Items Revealed #45

June 28, 2022

This former A- list dual threat actress has been through a lot this past decade. Apparently she wanted to have a chance to appear personally in court to speak to the judge who oversees her case. The actress wanted to make clear to the judge and to the public about the trauma and abuse she suffered and how she was repeatedly lied to. When her people discovered what she intended to say and who she intended to call out, they forbade her from coming. Because she was not present, she didn't get to object to the agreement that was put in place and would never have consented to. The agreement essentially "frees" her, but still gives her no access to money. The only reason she got a little "freedom" is because a new attorney hired private investigators to look into a financial trail that appeared was filled with overcharging and kickbacks. As soon as that became known, paperwork was filed the next day. The problem is the money. The control of it just went from one bad person to another and the actress still can't access it. She wants the pressure amped up so the powers that be will be forced to allow her access to it.

Amanda Bynes

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