Thursday, July 07, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Mr. C

This actor has been the lead actor on multiple hit television shows. The number is approaching a half dozen. Some of them have been middling hits, and some have been iconic, but he has a run like almost no other when it comes to hitting it big again and again. Throughout his long career, he has been a regular at several sex clubs here in town that cater to a BDSM crowd. His wife is not really a fan, so he explores away from the marital bedroom. No matter which of the clubs he has rotated through over the years, he has always been known as Mr. C. Known for being a very generous tipper and being kind and respectful, none of the clubs saw him at all during the first two years of the pandemic. Over the past month, he has visited three of the clubs that still remain. He didn't go for the sex, but rather to give each worker at each club $10K in cash so they wouldn't have to report it to the IRS if they didn't feel so inclined. He did it because the business have still not completely recovered, and also as a goodbye and thank you. Apparently our actor is done with the exploring phase and is happy just to work on his new hit show and spend time at home.

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